About Infinite Elements

Infinite Elements is a record label based out of Calgary, Alberta, specializing in supporting urban culture and artists across Canada.

We’re about creating a community respecting the elements of hip hop through mentorship and positivity. The Infinite Elements family is always looking for new talent to work with in the studio, as well as provide a source of distribution. We are focused on support of the artists whether they are new to the industry or already established.

Infinite Elements is your voice and guidance to help artists establish their careers in the music industry.  


JASON ROSSCEO, Producer, Artist

Jason Ross comes to his role of CEO and Producer from the experience of being an artist in the trenches for the last 20 years.He has opened for Busta Rhymes, Naughty By Nature, The Game, Pharcyde, Phife Dawg and many more.

His family history traces back to Nova Scotia in the 1800’s where his mother’s family obtained their freedom from the British after fighting for them as “Black Loyalists”; his father’s side escaped slavery in the USA through the “Underground Railroad”.

Legally blind from an incurable eye disease (retinitis pigmentosa), J Ross has realized a greater strength, sense of compassion, and purpose in his career. He is a youth development worker, a teaching practitioner, mentor and artist with a talent for developing artists and building teams in a calm, encouraging and respectful way.


Brian has a deep connection to music and urban culture.

With a hunger for creativity, Brian is always finding different projects to immerse himself in — not stopping until the finished product feels right and conveys the message it was set out to achieve.

The pivot of the organization, his hands are full being involved in all aspects of the business, from sourcing out new talent, to engineering sessions in the studio, Brian’s creativity and leadership is there every step of the way.

MICHAEL DEAN DARGIEArtistic Director, Brand Strategy

Michael Dargie has run a boutique creative agency in Calgary for the last 12 years—specializing in brand development and strategy for small- to medium-sized businesses, and artists.

He is an award winning film producer, as well as a writer, director, and actor.

Michael has worked with both indie and professional artists, Fortune 100 companies, and start-up entrepreneurs to help tell their stories and connect with their audience.